P 48


  • Semi-Hydraulic, Twin Diaphragm Pump
  • Tackles Fluid Transfer Applications up to 435 PSI and 14 GPM
  • Features Plastic Coated Aluminum Heads with Plastic Manifolds for Resistance to Corrosion
  • Perfect for Agriculture, Horticulture, Lawn Care, Turf Care, and Pest Control Applications
  • Easily Connects to Shafts, Fan Assemblies, Pulleys and Gearboxes with 6 Hold Flange Setup
  • Compatible Pumping Chemicals Include Liquid Fertilizers, Herbicides, Pesticides, De-Icing Materials, Suspension Products, Abrasives, Mold Removal Agents, and More
  • Features Self-Priming, Large Capacity Oil Bath Crankcase, and Mounting Rails with Standard Pattern
  • Operates at Maximum of 550 RPMs and 4.1 HP
  • 1 Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects

The Comet P 48 Series Semi-Hydraulic, Twin Diaphragm pump is designed to tackle a wide range of fluid transfer applications up to 435PSI and 17GPM. Featuring plastic coated aluminum heads with plastic manifolds for excellent resistance to corrosion.Making this diaphragm pump perfect for agriculture, horticulture, lawn care, turf care, and pest control applications. Easily connects to shafts, fan assemblies, pulleys and gearboxes with the 6 hole flange setup. Compatible pumping chemicals include liquid fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, de-icing materials, suspension products, abrasives, mold removal agents, and other hard-to-handle fluids.This Italian made pump also features self-priming, large capacity oil bath crankcase, mounting rails with standard pattern, and can be run dry. Operates at a maximum of 550RPMs and 4.1HP. Backed by a one-year warranty on manufacturer defects.

Product Specs

# of Diaphragms
Max Pressure
435 PSI
Max Flow
17 GPM
Max RPMs
Suction Diameter
Ø 26mm
Delivery Diameter
Ø 16mm
Plastic Coated Aluminum
Diaphragm/Seal Material
Oil Capacity
23.7 fl oz
27.6 lbs




Rebuild Kits

Part # Kit Description
5026.0075.00 NBR Rebuild Kit
8102.1801.00 Comet Pump Oil
1204.01955.00 GCP 3V Regulator
5005.0216.00 Gearbox
2416.0297.00 Shaft Protector

Available Models

  • P48 - 6 Hole Flange (#6006.0001.00)
  • P 48 P - 10” 2A Groove Pulley, Adjustable Regulator (#6006.0027.01)
  • P 48 AP - 6 Hole Flange, 1” Solid Keyed Shaft (#6007.0001.00)
  • P 48 GR - 3/4" Hollow Shaft Gearbox (#6006.0001.00.GRGI)

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