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Airport cleaning, nuclear decontamination, cleaning navy applications, wheel and tracked vehicles, rehabilitation and/or decommissioning of concrete installations, cold cutting of ammunition and armored tanks in decommissioned sites.


Pre-maintenance cleaning of dumpers, drag lines, underground haulage lines and shafts; aids in the recovery of ore; unclog plant machinery due to deposits of coal, rock dust, mud or oils.


Reservoirs and containers, sewers and drain pipes, sanitation equipment and refuse vehicles; insulators, boiler tubes, vehicles and machinery; surface penetration.


Removing paraffin and crude residues from platforms and storage tanks; removal of drilling mud and cement from drill pipes; “cold” cutting.

Petrochemical and Refineries

Algae, carbon, scum, soft polymers, and asbestos, wax, paraffin, grease and crude residues, water scale, calcium sulphate, chlorides, hard polymers, iron oxide, coke, hard carbon, PVC and PVA in heat exchangers, re-boilers, tanks, reactors, pipes, cooling towers and facilities, and cold cutting.


Cleaning of chemicals (liquid and solids) from pipes, kettles, mixers, tubes, heat exchangers, reactors, filters, and evaporators.


Removal of rust and varnish prior to re-coating, dope and oil from pipe threads for inspection, drilling mud and debris in various kinds of pipes (internal); manual or fully automatic test units equipped with plunger pumps for filling and test processes.

Power Stations

Nuclear decontamination of fuel capsules, “U” tube exchangers, flash from pre-heater tubes, hand tools and equipment.

Pressure Testing

Manual or fully automatic Test Benches up 7000 bar, used for pressure testing of valves, tubings, hoses, fittings, and complete systems.

Pulp and Paper

Cleaning of grease, oil, pitch, dirt, and wood pulp form heat exchangers, tubes, foundries, press sections of paper machines, suction rolls, stock chests and lines, and water jet cutting.


Gypsum, potash, cement, lime in hopper cars. Removing grease, dirt, and deposits from trucks, undercarriages, and tanker cars. Removal of leaf mulch from railway lines.

Rubber Processing

Latex, SBR, and water scale reactors, storage tanks, heat exchangers, tubing, pipes, and facilities.

Street Sweeping

We supply a wide array of 12 volt and hydraulic powered diaphragm pumps for the street sweeping industry for dust suppression and flushing debris from sewer drains.

Traffic and Transport

Removal of road markings, cleaning of railway carriages and buses, and renovation of concrete surfaces. Cleaning of grease, vegetation, mud, tar, cement, or asphalt on vehicles and machinery; graffiti, stains, tar, and mastics on concrete bridges and overpasses, removal of expansion joints and paint strips; unblock culverts on bridges and clean up overspill.

Turf Spraying

Comet diaphragm pumps are ideal for handling abrasive wettable powders and corrosive chemicals used for spraying golf courses, lawns and sports fields.

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