Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is commonly performed through a process known as hot water extraction. This method of carpet cleaning utilizes a truck-mounted or portable extractor system which simultaneously sprays heated water and detergent and then extracts it, along with any debris or dirt.


Benefits of comet pumps for carpet cleaning

Hot Water Extraction Capabilities – Comet pumps are designed to handle even the hottest water temperatures for carpet cleaning, ensuring that no bacteria or dirt is left behind.

One Stop Shop – Comet offers a wide range of flow and pressure ratings with our pumps to get the best pump for your job, as well as everything else that you need to complete your truck mount. From plunger pumps, pump outs and accessories, Comet has all the bases covered.

Compact Design – The compact design of a Comet pump makes it a perfect fit for a compact carpet cleaning machine, allowing you to make quick and economical work.

Quality Components – All Comet pumps are designed with quality components to protect against corrosion and limit downtime, all while never sacrificing performance.

The Comet Advantage

For over sixty years, Comet has been the global leader in providing pumps and accessories to the world of water and fluid applications. Based in Reggio Emilia – Italy, each Comet pump is developed with Italian design and innovation that brings performance that lasts a lifetime. Comet offers a wide range of diaphragm, triplex and axial high-pressure plunger pumps and complimentary accessories. With a strong distribution channel, Comet can provide fast solutions and new concepts to the world of water and fluid applications. With Comet, you will always get the following:

Performance Capabilities – Comet pumps and accessories can provide up to 550 HP, 128 GPM and 40,000 PSI.

Robust Product Line – Comet offers more than 1,000 pumps and accessories offered for a wide range of industries and applications.

Problem Solving Mentality – Every problem has a solution. With our history, quality, innovation and global affiliations; no problem is too big for us to tackle.

360° Customer Service – From the beginning of the order to when it reaches your doorstep, Comet has a knowledgeable customer service staff that provides more answers than questions.

Centralized Location – Based in Paynesville, MN, easily get quick turn-around on your orders.


Pumps for Carpet Cleaning

Comet offers a range of diaphragm and industrial pumps to keep carpet cleaning equipment running smoothly. See below for the pumps that are available for carpet cleaning applications.


Diaphragm & Industrial Pumps

Model Part # Diaphragm/Industrial GPM PSI Amps/HP
P 33 T 12V 6130.0001.00 Diaphragm 7.0 --- 12 Amps
LWS 3525 S 6301.1208.00 Industrial 3.5 2500 5.9 HP
RW 5535 S 6517.0803.00 Industrial 5.5 3000 10.8 HP

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