U-Channel Manual Hose Reel

These hose reels are ideal for pest control, lawn care, pressure washing, softwash, agriculture, municipal water, fire protection, carpet cleaning, industrial and much more.

Our direct drive 12 volt gear motor ensures smooth and quiet operation and eliminates the need for sprockets, chains and covers. In the event of a power loss, the thru-shaft design allows the operator to use a hand crank in a matter of seconds. Our reels are built with the highest quality materials to withstand the most demanding conditions of any application. Bolt-on components, easy service and mounting holes compatible with popular brands make service and replacement simple.


Schedule 40 1¼ 316 Stainless Steel core with LIFETIME WARRANTY and threaded riser eliminates possibility of weld corrosion.

Part# Description
HR-12ALU-M 12" Manual U-Channel Hose Reel
HR-18ALU-M 18" Manual U-Channel Hose Reel
HR-18ALU-M 22" Manual U-Channel Hose Reel