TWN (r.p.m. 1000 - Ø 24 mm SOLID S.)

Triplex Pumps


CRANKCASE: DIE CAST ALUMINIUM ALLOY is anodized for protection against corrosion
INCAPSULATED VALVE SEAT WITH O-RING AND ANTI EXTRUSION for models with pressures starting from 275 bar / 4000 p.s.i.
VALVE CAPS have recessed the O-Ring further into the pump head and reinforced it with an anti-extrusion ring to prevent the O-Ring from extruding under very high pressure 
CHECK VALVES in stainless steel with a highly efficient design
EXCLUSIVE COUPLING SYSTEM BETWEEN PUMP HEAD AND CRANKCASE it prevents dust and dirt from penetrating the area where pistons work, but allows water to exit (PATENT PENDING)
EXCLUSIVE PACKING SYSTEM. New self lubricating double packing design with special buna texile seals and bronze rings for an exceptional packing life
LARGE OIL CAPACITY dissipates heat and improves lubrification for longer life
CRANKCASE COMPLETELY SURROUNDED by large fins for an efficient oil cooling for drastic reduction of operating temperature
O-RING SEALING SYSTEM between crankcase and back cover
Oil sight GLASSES
CONNECTING RODS are in one piece bronze alloy
BEARINGS are oversized, premium quality tapered roller bearings
SOLID SHAFT 24 mm for electric motor or gearbox application
GUIDE PISTONS are in heat treated stainless steel
it minimizes the wearing on pistons oil seals (PATENTED)

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Code Type RPM Flow rate Pressure Power Weight
l/min US
bar psi MPa hp kW kg lb


All models are right hand (left hand on request).
Option: Complete base kit  code 5011 0214
Complete base kit (h 63 mm)  code 5011 0278


Head material legend



The specifications, dimensional drawings and pictures are indicative only and not binding , COMET reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

6512 0100 TWN 6036 S 1000 22,7 6,0 248 3600 24,8 14,0 10,3 20,0 44,0
6512 0200 TWN 7025 S 1000 26,5 7,0 172 2500 17,2 11,5 8,5 20,0 44,0
6512 0300 TWN 8025 S 1000 30,0 8,0 172 2500 17,2 12,5 9,3 20,0 44,0